Advantage 88

Recycling of asphalt in-situ is proven technology.

With foamed and emulsion in-situ processes it is state-of-the-art to reconstruct the entire road or haunches to a depth of 150mm to 350mm (full-depth recycling). This involves mixing the existing material in-situ with new binders to form a uniform and strengthened structure.

After initial pulverisation to the required depth, the resultant surface is compacted and trimmed. Any excess material is removed before recombining the bulk of the existing materials with emulsion or foamed bitumen. During the process the road materials are not removed from the site and the sub-grade is not exposed.

Once the re-mixing is complete, the material is again compacted and the surface shaped by a grader to the required levels. Finally the surface is often coated with bituminous emulsion and sealing grit after which it can be subjected to traffic if necessary. Depending on design requirements, a final surface course can be laid appropriate to site conditions. 


EAPA Position Paper: Asphalt the 100% recyclable construction product (2014)