Asphalt Advantages Campaign Celebrates Second Anniversary Following the Inception of a Multi-Lingual Website, the Next “Ask” is Advocacy

Have you considered the advantages of asphalt? The Asphalt Advantages online campaign, which launched jointly by Eurobitume and the European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) in October 2014, celebrates its second anniversary by encouraging advocates to engage. After reaching stakeholders in over 125 countries and demonstrating reasons why asphalt is the material of first choice for road maintenance, Asphalt Advantages is encouraging supporters to embrace an online tool kit and how-to video to create their own sub-campaigns.

The website - has continuously grown, offering as hub for valuable and credible information for a wide range of stakeholders and rapidly being recognised as an important resource for raising the awareness of the many benefits that asphalt offers for road maintenance and construction. For ease of use the information is organised under four main themes: Sustainability, Comfort, Safety and Economics.

Earlier this year, the website offered the choice of reading each specific advantage in four languages, English, French, German, and Turkish. This new option is helping to expand the scope of the campaign by reaching new target audiences and in local markets. 

“We are exceptionally proud of the success that our campaign has had so far,” commented Carsten Karcher, EAPA director. “The goal of the website has been to promote the benefits and value of asphalt pavement to those who use, design and maintain roads. The campaign has already experienced the expected exponential growth and we are planning for future expansion.”  

Additionally, a new educational video is now available on Titled, “Become an Asphalt Advantages Advocate,” this how-to video offers step-by-step advice to encourage asphalt industry stakeholders to get involved and support the campaign by promoting asphalt benefits, stimulate discussions and sharing information. 

“The new video is aimed at encouraging as many asphalt stakeholders to join the campaign and become an active advocate for Asphalt Advantages. If we can mobilise new advocates with the tools available in the online toolkit then the important key messages about the benefits of asphalt can be shared to a wider audience. Advocates will have access to a wealth of valuable information supporting general, technical, health, safety and environmental advantages,” added Siobhan McKelvey, President, Eurobitume. 

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About Eurobitume
Eurobitume’s mission is to promote the efficient, effective, and safe use of refined bitumen in road, industrial, and building applications throughout Europe. They aim to provide clarity on technical and health & safety issues, and the creation of a positive environment for sustained bitumen demand based on the highest performance standards.

About EAPA
The purpose of the European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) is to be the trusted voice of the European asphalt paving industry. With 35 Members and Associated Members, EAPA already represents the majority of the asphalt pavement industry and engages in asphalt road construction and maintenance in the whole of Europe. EAPA and its mission is to remain the acknowledged contact point for its members, other industry organisations, and of course the European Institutions. Being based in Brussels at the heart of the European Union, EAPA already represents its members successfully at the European level