Every moment is the right one to get a new shirt and go running!
 EAPA has started the #runnersloveasphalt campaign launching the hashtags #asphaltrunners and #runnersloveasphalt.
 The winner will receive a set of six "runners love asphalt" shirts, presented during the #eeevent2022 in Vienna on 14-15 November.
 You will find our shirts in black and white colours, in both short and long-sleeve versions, on the website of the German asphalt pavement association for a price of 25€ including shipping costs within Europe:
So… runners, it's your turn! Support our initiative, and let's spread asphalt's voice among your friends and families.
How to participate:
1. Like this post and follow us on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
2. Use the hashtags #asphaltrunners and #runnersloveasphalt in your photos
3. Share this post
4. Be creative!