Asphalt is a key partner in Europe's push to improve road user safety and drivability


In our quest to spread the word about what makes asphalt such an important and versatile material, last month we introduced the #AASafetyMonth. Asphalt plays a key role in Europe’s push to improve road user safety and drivability, and the Safety Month is a showcase of the ways in which asphalt does this, as well as a means of drawing attention to broader road safety trends and developments.  From helping authorities improve road safety for day-to-day users to making sure F1 drivers are safe competing in extreme conditions, and even looking at the future of mobility to ensure autonomous vehicles operate safely, asphalt is one of the common denominators.

Having asked our audience through a dedicated Twitter poll what they believe to be the main features that promote road safety, almost 80% correctly identified that both the grip of asphalt and the visibility it confers in rainy weather and in relation to road markings, define it as the safest paving option. 

You can discover more safety benefits of asphalt by checking out our hashtag #AASafetyMonth.

We look forward to seeing you on Twitter during our #AASustainabilityMonth, coming soon! Keep an eye on @asphalt_eu for more details!