Advantage 72

Asphalt provides solutions for Railway Tracks. 

Asphalt mixtures have been shown to provide good technical alternatives for several elements of traditional railway construction. In particular, experience with asphalt in the track superstructure (the traditional superstructure consists of the rails, the sleepers, fastenings and the ballast) and in the sub-ballast layer has shown that these types of construction are able to fully meet the requirements of modern railway tracks.  

In railway design, as in highway design, increasing traffic loads and volumes and particularly the introduction of high-speed trains in the last decades, have resulted in the need for new approaches. In addition, concern for the environment requires the concept of sustainability to be taken into account in the design process.

Worldwide experience has shown that use of asphalt can offer a good alternative in modern railway construction. Thanks to the specific properties of asphalt mixtures the materials are able to comply with many of the requirements.

More information can be found in:
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