Advantage 13

Asphalt is 100% reusable  

Asphalt could be 100% used as aggregate for road construction and backfilling, but it is a precious construction material that can be better used for real recycling what means to re-use it in new asphalt mixes at the highest level. Currently in some European Union Member States the re-use rate for asphalt is up to 95%1) with further potential compared to other construction materials like wood (31% re-use in timber products) or concrete (potential of recycling between 40-50%)2)

1) Asphalt in figures, EAPA, 2014

2) Service Contract on Management of Construction and Demolition Waste-SR1, Final Report, February 2011, A project under the Framework contract ENV.G.4/ FRA/2008/0112, Bio Intelligence Service.


Recycled or re-used

Care should be taken when considering declared rates of recycling or re-use.

For example, if a producer has 2 tonnes of recyclable material available and he uses all of this in the production of 4 tonnes of the same (new) material then 100% of the material has been re-used, at an addition rate of 50%.

If only 1 tonne of the same recyclable material was used in production of the same 4T of new material, then 50% is re-used, at an addition rate of 25%. If the other 1 tonne was used in another application/material e.g. fill, then 100% has been recycled, but only 50% re-used (at an addition rate of 25%)!

Asphalt is both 100% recyclable and 100% re-useable, and even at up to 100% application rates.