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Asphalt containing reclaimed asphalt is cost-effective and just as good as new

The standards and regulations of the asphalt industry favour the use of reclaimed asphalt as a raw material in asphalt production. Same quality requirements are posed on both asphalt made from new materials and asphalt containing reclaimed asphalt, making reused asphalt just as high quality, clean and durable as new asphalt.

Reusing asphalt yields notable savings in the costs of materials and logistics. These savings alone, especially due to saving on new bitumen, make reusing asphalt economical. Reusing the aggregate also offers savings, especially in countries that have to import it. Reusing asphalt reduces the need and cost of transportation, significantly reducing emissions at the same time.

Sustainable Asphalt – Recycling; The Nordic Road Forum, NVF, 5/2012