Advantage 84

Asphalt is the ideal material for bicycle paths.

The criteria defined by the Belgian region Brussels Capital for a bicycle path are¹:

  • Good skid resistance to avoid slipping
  • Even surface for a good riding comfort 
  • Water evacuation 
  • Surface free of obstacles
  • Visibility through different coloration 
  • Cleanliness, a rough texture accumulates dirt 
  • Durable / sustainable
  • Esthetic
  • No harm for humans and the environment
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Easy application, possibly manual application (no access for big machines) 
  • Costs 

All the advantages of asphalt for roads are also relevant for bicycle paths. As bicycles do not have the advanced suspensions of motor vehicles, the advantages of comfort from flatness and evenness are even more important, as are those of surface grip for safety. The enhanced visual aspect for delineation with coloured asphalts helps keep cyclists and drivers separated. The ability to lay quickly in restricted areas enables fast construction and maintenance.

¹ Pavements for Bicycle facilities - Recommendations for the design, application and maintenance; Bike Handbook no. 5 Brussels-Capital Region; Ministry of the Brussels Capital Region and BRRC, 2009. (In Dutch: Fietsvademecum nr. 5 Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest; Verhardingen voor Fietsvoorzieningen - Aanbevelingen voor het ontwerp, de aanbrenging en het onderhoud; Ministerie van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest en OCW, 2009)